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He filled out his life like a questionnaire. Correct! That was his biggest mistake. (P. Kovce)

In the treatment of depressive symptoms we combine modern therapeutic methods (cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic therapy, hypnotherapy) with clarification of physiological factors and strengthening of general health.

According to the motto "Depression - When adjustment makes you sick", many clients are concerned with feeling their own impulses again and finding out what, they really want from life.

Stress & Burnout

Working to live or living to work? (Wolf Büntig).

In the treatment of stress and burnout, we also combine modern therapeutic methods (cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic therapy, hypnotherapy) with the clarification of physiological factors and the strengthening of general health. Because burnout always affects body and psyche.


For many clients, burnout is a (forced) invitation to find their center again and to realign their own lives. In the process, feelings of guilt and shame are often barriers that need to be lovingly addressed.

Anxiety disorders

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."


In the treatment of anxiety, hypnotherapy combined with cognitive behavioral therapy has proven to be extremely effective.

Many people experience anxiety as the "uninvited houseguest" that ensures one is constantly in survival mode instead of experience mode. Life is a struggle that one does not feel up to.

Relationship problems

"Every relationship is an attempt to solve the previous relationships."

According to surveys, 50% of people come to psychotherapy because they have problems with or him their relationships. In this process, our current relationships are influenced by our past experiences, especially our experiences with our own parents.


With the 2019 procedure developed at Havard Medical School, we overwrite your attachment style and a blueprint for relationships with a more favorable version.

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