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Professional psychological counseling online and without long waiting time

Online practice

My clients are people like you and me. They come to me with problems that they can't solve on their own. I am then their friend with psychotherapeutic expertise.

They are looking for long-term support in difficult times or just a safe space to talk out their own horrible thoughts and feel what's on their mind. Many want to understand themselves better, or help in being able to live their lives more according to their wants and needs.

My clients often come to me with relationship or attachment issues. Here I mainly work with the Three-Pillars-Method according to Daniel P. Brown and David Elliot. While we work on these issues in therapy, my focus is always on the individual with their personal history, abilities and talents

The human being in the heart, the potential in the focus.

Therapeutic attitude

My work is based on the humanistic conception of man, which sees man as a meaning-oriented, creative, self-developing and relationship-oriented being.

It is my concern to integrate cross-school counseling, psychological approaches and current scientific findings on the basis of the humanistic view of man.

The human being is at the center of my work. I use everything I have learned to offer you the best possible guidance.

Stefan Passvogel Online

General conditions of an online treatment

General conditions:

We start with a free 25-minute introductory meeting. During this meeting, I will listen to your concerns and we will clarify the framework conditions. To book one, simply click on the button.


All further appointments with me usually last 75 minutes (1.5 therapy hours) as opposed to the typical 50 minutes in the statutory health insurance system. This duration has proven to be suitable for working with "Integrative Attachment Therapy" because this length of session allows time for a conversation as well as an intensive experience in the imagination.

The first sessions are used for anamnesis. This gives us time to get to know each other and you can describe your situation or problem to me in detail. We also use the "Adult Attachment Interview" and other questions to specifically assess your attachment style. Many clients opt for a weekly rhythm, some come every second or third week.

As most of my clients come from all over Germany and the world, the sessions usually take place online. This online counseling takes place on a fixed date in a protected video call. You will receive the access data after booking an appointment.


IMPORTANT: I currently only accompany clients over a longer period of at least 10 sessions.

The treatment of attachment and relationship patterns using "integrative attachment therapy" is generally highly effective and can therefore be classified as short-term therapy. Depending on the previous stress and initial situation, a treatment duration of 10-30 sessions can be expected. This corresponds to a total duration of 3-6 months for weekly sessions and 6-12 months for bi-weekly sessions.

The individual imaginations will be recorded with your consent and made available to you as a download. Many clients use these during the sessions to deepen their experience and thus speed up the process.



The cost of treatment is based on the international average for treatment using "integrative attachment therapy". These usually amount to EUR 150 per therapy hour (50 min). Accordingly, the entire treatment costs between EUR 2250 and EUR 6750.


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