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Holistic support

The separation between psyche and soma (body) is an artificial one. People who suffer from psychological symptoms, such as depression, burnout, anxiety disorders and many others, feel the consequences of their suffering both psychologically and somatically. For example, depressive symptoms are often accompanied by internal inflammation, and internal inflammation in turn exacerbates depressive symptoms. Also, in 45% of people there is a degradation disorder for psychotropic drugs, based on genetic factors.


For this reason, at your request, we work holistically on the soul and body. I am supported by my colleague Dr. med. Kristina Schultheiß, specialist and expert in functional and holistic medicine. We have developed joint treatment programs that complement psychotherapeutic treatment through vital substance therapy, reduction of neuroinflammation, treatment of dysbiosis and mitochondrial dysfunction and, if necessary, medication.

This has two advantages for you. First, by taking a detailed history, which usually exceeds the accuracy of a consultative report, we make sure that no somatic illnesses are perpetuating or exacerbating the psychological symptoms. Secondly, we make sure that your body and therefore your brain can support your psyche in changing in the best possible way.

If you are interested in such a cooperation and are already a client, just talk to me about it at one of the next meetings. If you are not yet a client, I ask you to arrange an initial meeting.

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