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About me

M.Sc.Psych. Stefan Passvogel

I studied psychology at the University of Tübingen and am currently in further training at the ZIST Academy for Psychotherapy, which combines Gestalt therapy with body psychotherapeutic approaches such as NARM and Somatic Expierence on the basis of depth psychological therapy. With numerous additional qualifications in systemic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, I am broadly positioned and focused on the treatment of attachment disorders in adults. I have the honor of being able to bring the "Three-Pillars-Approach" to Germany as a teaching psychotherapist. I am in constant supervision with David Elliot, Ph.D., co-developer of the method and have previously studied the method with Daniel P. Brown, Ph.D.

My work with the "Three Pillars Method" is embedded in my understanding as a longtime meditator, hypnotherapist and depth psychology therapist. I am also inspired by C. G. Jung with his concept of individuation and the hero's journey.  At the same time, I often combine therapy with techniques of parts work, such as ego-state therapy or the Internal Family System. I also offer attachment-based trauma therapy, which not only uses biofocal and bilateral stimulation techniques such as EMDR or brainspotting, but also ensures that a secure attachment representation is present via IPFs.

I completed my first training in NLP & hypnotherapy in 2012. In 2014, I completed my training at the Milton Erickson Society and from then on represented them at the pbp congresses, where I am active both as a speaker and workshop leader. In 2022, I presented the IPF protocol for the first time to 130 enthusiastic colleagues at the MEG annual conference. Since then, I have been running training courses there in the treatment of attachment disorders with hypnotherapy.

In addition to my passion for psychotherapy, I have a great interest in the practice of meditation and the Dharma. I started practicing Vipassana meditation according to N.S. Goenka and mindfulness 15 years ago. I have been practicing Mahayana and Vajrayana for 10 years, the last few years mainly Mahamudra and Dzogchen with Daniel P. Brown and Dustin Di Perna.

In addition to my psychotherapeutic work, I have worked as a consultant in the business world, accompanying large change management projects with a focus on mental health. I have experience with various disorders such as cPTBS, depression, anxiety disorders, compulsions and somatoform disorders.

Stefan Passvogel Profil


Three-Pillars-Approach with Daniel P. Brown and David Elliot

Psychological psychotherapist (retired)

Teaching trainer for hypnotherapy


Main focus:
Three-Pillars-Approach for the treatment of attachment patterns


Milton Erickson Society for Clinical Hypnosis e.V.

German Psychotherapists' Association (DPtV)

German Society for Body Psychotherapy e.V.

Professional Association of German Psychologist

Positive Psychologie & Meditation (German)


Positive psychology asks the question, what is the nature of human progress and flourishing? What distinguishes people who can adapt well to new circumstances and learn skills successfully from those for whom it takes longer or does not work too well? ...

Work experience

since 2023

- Trainer in the "Three Pillars Approach" in Germany through the Milton Erickson Society

- Psychotherapy in own (online) practice

- Self-awareness workshops on "Art of Relating

2022 - 2023

- Psychological psychotherapist (i.A.) at the ZIST Academy for Psychotherapy

- Core group therapist at the Adula Clinic for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy


- Senior change management consultant on group-wide change initiatives
- University lecturer for courses in Positive Psychology and Emotional Mastery at renowned universities


NLP Trainer, NLP Master, NLP Coach (Society of NLP), Curriculum Hypnotherapy (Milton Erickson Society)

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